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My Besties Are Going AWOL From Social Media


My besties are going AWOL from social media. They are getting helicopter’d off this Internet island left and right. I am standing her waving as they run off into their “real” lives. By “real” lives I mean they are spending time with people in the flesh and doing stuff that does not require typing. I’d forgotten that even existed. I am kidding of course. I mean, I do have a two-year old that keeps me very grounded in the real world with potty training, building forts and washing a million loads of laundry each week. I am also slightly prone to exaggeration, but to be fair there is A LOT of laundry. There is also, usually, a lot of typing and chatting over nonsense like whether or not Adam Levine will ever follow my blog friend back on Twitter or whether or not I should give Tiny-Small a sticker for going potty next to the potty instead of inside the potty. These are not life changing events. These are just topics that keep me from facing my actual list of things to do. I am easily distracted.

Tiny-Small hugging a stuffed dog.
Plus, I have more time to spend with this girl (Tiny-Small hugging her stuffed dog that she named Barbara).

Mostly, my friends are taking breaks from Facebook. Some have actually deleted their accounts. I have to communicate with them by email which feels old-fashioned even though it really isn’t. It’s like hearing a song that was popular when you were in high school being played on the local, oldies radio station. Hopefully, at least a few of you still remember what a radio is. I have to admit, I kind of like the email exchanges. I have enough space to write lengthy philosophical observations and to share extensive personal information nobody probably wants to read. Email serves my wordy-ness well. I am reveling in my captive audience and unlimited character space. Given enough time, I may drive my friends right back to Facebook where I have to keep my interjections and introspections to a minimum. Only time will tell.

Still, I miss the give and take and smart, witty exchanges I had with my inner circle on Facebook. I miss the support and the moments of chit-chat I sometimes needed to recover from having my feelings hurt or when I need some honest feedback immediately because I am freaking out and being totally self-absorbed. They keep me in check. They remind me of my priorities and goals. They help me to laugh at myself. Friends are wonderful at diffusing a situation when diffusing is what you need the most. At the same time, with everyone on break I am forced to actually do work. Things are getting crossed off my “to-do” list. I signed up for Instagram. I joined some art communities. I learned how to make a Twitter newspaper. You can check that out here: Making Art 24-7. It’s my art paper generated from the people I have in my The Arts! Twitter list (If you are an artist and want to be on my list just send me a message on Twitter. I’ll add you to it).

I have also had more time to paint and to mess around with my website settings. I even had time to read blogs and leave comments yesterday. It was just like old times, when I first started blogging, before I had discovered the conversational aspects of social media. I have been less distracted by the little numbers on Facebook alerting me to new cat pictures being shared or messages about breast cancer awareness. The ping of an alert has lost its urgency. Maybe that is a good thing. Somehow, most of my besties going AWOL has forced me to be on a mini break too. I am kind of enjoying it.

Have you ever had this experience or deleted your Facebook account or another social media account? What was it like for you? Were you ever in my position where you became the last man standing? What was that like? Please feel free to over-share (you know I usually do).



I Learn Spanish (Sort Of) Very, Very Slowly


I am learning Spanish. It’s going slowly. Very slowly. So slowly, one may say the learning has completely stopped. When I was working at a job OUTSIDE of the home (don’t get on my case, moms, I know I am doing a job right here at home). I was surrounded by Spanish speakers and I was picking words up left and right. I worked with kids and kids are awesome teachers. Parents are awesome teachers too. The thing is I was mostly learning words that kids use, like cow: Vaca. I also learned things like food (comida) and pretty (bonito). I learned a lot of words that I can’t even think of right now. It’s not because they are in Spanish, but because I can’t really think of any words right now. Not even English and English is my native language. I am so brain-dead it’s not even funny. So, I am batting a thousand over here for sure. Anyone have any sleeping pills I can borrow?

When I was in high school I took French. I can only remember a few words now, like bonjour (hello) and monsieur (Mr.). I am not great at languages, not even my own. My husband, on the other hand can speak Spanish, German, and a little Chinese. I mean, he’s not perfectly fluent or anything, but he can have actual conversations and ask to use the bathroom. I can’t even do that. I can talk about farm animals, colors and a few foods in Spanish. In French, well, let’s just say I can say hello to half of the population, maybe.

Anyway, back when I was a little more focused on learning Spanish I had a few mix-ups. One in particular I have not been able to live down. There is a rest area near here that has a big snake on it and the words BEWARE. Under the words BEWARE and over the snake picture are the words CUIDADO. For years I thought cuidado meant snake. Years! Then, one day, I think I pointed to a snake and said, “Cuidado,” with all of the confidence in the world. Jim thought it was hilarious. He corrected me right after he stopped crying from laughing so hard. He informed me that cuidado means “care” or “take care” or BEWARE. I still say it whenever I see a snake though, because really…it’s a snake! Watch out!


Ten cuidado, no te comas la serpiente.

God Bless who ever invented Google translate.

I still hope I learn Spanish one day…and French too.


Communication: Is It Important For A Marriage?

People always talk about the importance of communication in a marriage. Sometimes, though, it’s the miscommunications that get the most laughs. I’m starting to realize that Jim and I spend a lot of time talking to each other, but often have two totally different conversations. They usually go something like this:

Me: I can’t get these pictures on Picasa 3 to make a collage.

Jim: What should we have for lunch?

Me: It’s so frustrating!

Jim: I was thinking of making a pizza.

Me: If I don’t get these pictures to turn into a collage my blog isn’t going to look right.

Jim: What pictures?

Me: The pictures of my paintings.

Jim: What does that have to do with pizza?

Picasa 3: Driving people to drink since 2012.


Jim: Did you hear about what happened when Obama said blah, blah, blah, and then Romney did wah, wah, wah? Wasn’t that funny?

Me: *silence* Oh yeah, funny.

Jim: Did you hear what I said?

Me: Something about Obama and Romney…it was funny.

Jim: Were you even listening?

Me: Um, well, I was reading this blog here….

I didn’t choose these photos. Picasa 3 strikes again.

OR (On the phone)

Me: So, my mom said she could get Saturday off so she could go with us to Albuquerque.

Jim: Yeah, I was thinking that too.

Me: You were?

Jim: Ok, chicken is fine.

Me: What?

Jim: I could grill it.

Me: Can you hear me? I’m telling you my mom is coming.

Jim: What? I can barely hear you. I’ll stop at the store for the chicken.

Me: Hello?

Jim: Ok, bye!


Picasa 3: 3, Me: 1.

I don’t know what kind of communication style we have, but all of this mismatched conversation really removes the ability to have an argument. I mean, even if we had an argument, it probably wouldn’t be over the same thing at the same time anyway. I think we are going to be married for a very long time. If we are, I am totally writing a few new self-help books like Ignoring Your Spouse For a Happier Marriage and Cell Phones Drop Calls Improving Marriage Satisfaction Overall. I’m going to be rich!


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