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Shaina Stinard is being featured on Art Wednesday this week. She does a lot of commission work so if you’d like a special person, pet, or moment in your life painted please follow her links and contact her. She’s extremely personable and easy to work with! -Lillian


I have to start by thanking Lillian for having me on her blog!  I just love her use of color, and her paintings always bring a smile to my face.

Last Days In Rome By Artist Shaina Stinard featured on Art Wednesday
Last Days In Rome by artists Shaina Stinard (copyright and photo credit belongs to the artist).

I have been an artist as long as I can remember, but didn’t have the opportunity to make it my career until after the birth of my daughter in 2010.  I am an artist, a mom, and a recovering teacher.  Art is my therapy.  I have never been happier and just adore sharing my love of art with my little one on a daily basis.  The amazingly creative people I have met with my “new” career are so uplifting, informative and just an all around fabulous network of people to know!  One of the most challenging parts of this job is simply running my own business.  I spend more time on spreadsheets and at the keyboard instead of the studio table than I want to.  I felt like that as a teacher at times too.  Maybe it is just unavoidable in any career.

I work in watercolor on YUPO paper, sometimes sketching first in pen and ink.  Working by commission, I use reference photographs from my customers. If you have a photo of it, I will paint it!   Pets are probably what I paint the most, which I can’t complain about at all.

Figgy watercolor on yupo paper by artist Shaina Stinard featurd on Art Wednesday
Figgy! Painting by artist Shaina Stinard (copyright and photo credit belongs to the artist).

I always thought I could only paint what I see.  I am not one to pull things out of my head and get them on paper.  However, over the years (and thanks to my customers letting me know),  I have found that I actually DO paint what I cannot see.  I paint stories.

The memories and stories that customers share with me about the photos I am to translate have always been my very favorite part of painting. I even made it the subject of my first book and Kickstarter project, Masterpiece Your Memories   I have smiled huge smiles while painting a portrait, and I have literally cried ON the painting (which works out since I do watercolors).  Art is emotional.  I wouldn’t have it any other way. Rescued pets are probably my all time favorite subjects, and I am most proud of the work I do with animal rescues around the US.  As often as I can, I donate custom portraits to help them raise money for fur babies in need.  I have met the most selfless, caring individuals, have been trusted enough to paint some heartwarming stories, and even help design the logo for Only Maine Coons Rescue!

Finally having the time and the means to work more with animal rescues lead me to my latest project – Second Chances: 100 Rescued Pet Portraits in 100 Days.

Survivors watercolor on yupo painting by Shaina Stinard featured on Art Wednesday.
Surviviors painting by artist Shaina Stinard (copyright and photo credit belong to the artist).

I will hopefully be painting 100 rescued pets, all of which will be in my next book!  I am so excited to see it all come together and have a collection of my rescued pet portraits in one book.  The project goes live on Feb. 15, 2015 and I will only have 30 days to raise my goal amount or the project doesn’t happen.  Backers will of course receive fabulous rewards for their pledges.  My last project was an overwhelming success and I have very high hopes for this project.  Another huge success means I am able to donate even more art to rescues across the US this year!

My facebook page where I post lots of in progress shots, giveaways and contests!

My website with bio, all completed works, info on commissioning and more about my painting process  Shaina Stinard | Artist

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