Scare Yourself Silly For Halloween With These Books and Movies

Now that we are all grown up with kids of our own Halloween just doesn’t have the same thrill. No more raging parties (our kids need to go to bed at a reasonable time), no more binge eating chocolate (we have our health to consider) and no more super scary stuff because our kids are little and scared easily. Now that we are adulting we have to put more effort into achieving that Halloween spirit that used to come so easy.

I really like scary movies. Not so much the gory, blood and guts, mass murder kind, but the creepy ones. I was thinking today about some of the movies that stuck with me the longest. You know, the kind that sort of bother you and keep you awake at night?  I made a list to share with you in the hopes that you will stay awake at night too and chat with me on Facebook when you can’t sleep because fear won’t let you…is there a better way to celebrate Halloween? Of course not!

1. Living Doll It’s not a movie, but an episode of the Twilight Zone. It’s 26 minutes of black and white creepiness. Talking dolls always make me nervous. A quick search on the Internet proved that you could buy a replica of the doll in the movie. When I saw that I  seriously felt like fainting. No way I’d invite Talking Tina into my home.

2. Carrie. I saw parts of this movie when I was really young like 7 or 8. I was supposed to be in bed, but I snuck down the stairs and was peeking. I was terrified through the whole movie. The most scary moment was at the end when a hand comes out of a grave. The image stuck with me for years I was so terrified of it. I just looked it up online and was surprised John Travolta was in it. I have no memories of him at all. I guess his acting didn’t leave a big impression on my childhood mind!

3. The Exorcist. It’s so scary. I don’t think any movie made me more terrified of being home alone. The music still puts me into a panic. The only thing worse than the movie? The book. Get yourself a copy. Nothing scares me more than a religious horror movie.

4. Let the Right One In: A Novel a very scary vampire book turned into a movie. Read the book. Then watch the movie. I think it’s the best vampire book I’ve ever read and I have read many.

5. Read The Stand by Stephen King. With Ebola in the news this book should be extra terrifying. If disease and death are all too real, try reading It instead. You’ll never like clowns again, but really, do you like them anyway?

Scare Yourself Silly For Halloween With


6. Pyscho is always a Halloween crowd pleaser. Make sure you pull back your shower curtains before pushing play so you don’t scare yourself to death later when you have to pee in the middle of the night. Better yet, just hold it until morning.

7. Audrey Rose. I “borrowed” this book from my mom’s library stash when I was in second grade and read it. I was scarred for life and still think about it over 30 years later. What a twisty, creepy little story.

8. Rosemary’s Baby because nobody wants to give birth to the antichrist. Read the book then watch the movie. It’s horrifying.

9. The Shining. Skip the movie and read the book. The movie is silly. I laughed all the way through it because I read the book first. The book makes the movie look like a goofy comedy with bad special affects. The book is one of the scariest things I have ever read. I seriously had to sleep with a light on for days after I read it. Because people really do go crazy….

10. The most horrifying book I have ever read? The Road. I haven’t seen the movie. I’m too afraid to. I literally stayed up all night reading the book because I couldn’t put it down. Then I made Jim sleep right next to me for weeks and weeks. I think because it all seemed too possible.

I hope you have a Happy Halloween this year. I hope you are delightfully scared. I hope you don’t have to sleep with the lights on.

P.S. I see dead people.

P.S.S. How do you plan to scare yourself silly?


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8 thoughts on “Scare Yourself Silly For Halloween With These Books and Movies”

  1. I think out of all that you listed, The Shining scared me the most. And yes! Read the book first! The book scared me so much that when I finally saw the movie, it took years before I was able to watch any movie with Jack Nickelson in it. Granted, the movie wasn’t near as good as the book but it too scared me. Mainly because, like you said, people can go mad!

  2. OMG CARRIE! I saw it also when I was too young (4 or 5 I think) and was terrified throughout. I 100% agree that the worst is the hand at the end. Scarred me for life. I have almost zero fears/phobias, but the reanimated dead is right up at the tippy top. That movie is the worst.

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