Stickman Drawing Challenge Day 4: Flying

Stickman Drawing Challenge Day 4: Flying

It’s a bird, it’s a plane…it’s a stickman flying! I love this prompt because it lets me channel my inner-super-hero-child. I hope it let’s you channel yours too. Or, you could always draw airplanes or other things that fly: Stickbirds, stickbutterflies, stickimaginaryflyingcreature.

It’s Monday. I am making words up. Where is my coffee? No, seriously, WHERE IS MY COFFEE??? Yes, it’s one of those mornings.

Stickman Challenge Day 4: Flying
Because this cold totally happen. The stickman is as light as air.


Today’s prompt is Flying and you can see the other stickman prompts for August by clicking this green sentence. Go there and get drawing. It’s not too late to start.

Add your drawing to the inlinkz tool or share it on social media using this hashtag: #31stickmen. If you see a stickman drawing participant on the Internet please take a moment to give them a supportive comment about their drawing. It means a lot to them and to me because drawing is one of those things that tends to make people feel a little vulnerable when they share it. Give them a virtual high five for taking the risk! Keep drawing. It’s fun.


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Tomorrow’s prompt is: Dancing


Happy Monday!

Stickman Drawing Challenge #31stickmen

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