Stickman Drawing Challenge Day 26: Laughing

Stickman Drawing Challenge Day 26: Laughing

Laughing was really difficult for me to get right. Probably because I was laughing at myself the whole time I was trying to draw laughing. Then I got the bright idea to look for images on the Internet of people laughing. I stared at the images and spent a while wondering what they were all laughing so hard about and I felt a little left out. That’s when I decided to do a search for jokes to cheer myself up. I specifically searched for bad jokes because who doesn’t love really bad jokes?

Except the jokes weren’t that funny and The Oatmeal kept popping up over and over again so I decided to click on the the Dumb Jokes That Are Funny Post and I ended up reading lots of The Oatmeal.¬† I randomly discovered that The Oatmeal was on Instagram and I lost hours of my life…HOURS! If you are in the mood for a virtual field trip and want to read some funny comics you probably should head over to Instagram and check out The Oatmeal there. If you are not on Instagram sign up. It’s easy! Come find me too. I’m on Instagram as It’s A Dome Life. I’m not sure I could fit Instagram into this paragraph one more time without looking like a crazy fan, but I just did. I’m not getting paid to say all of this I swear. I just love The Oatmeal and Instagram.

I am happy because now I am laughing like the people in all of those images I searched for and I think I finally got the laughing¬† pose right in my stickman drawing Sort of. I feel kind of bad because I think I drew a two legged cat on a leash. I don’t know what happened, but he is not laughing. So, I am back to being sad and off to read more of The Oatmeal. It’s just going to be one of those days.

Stickman Drawing Challenge Day 25: Laughing
What is so funny and what kind pf animal is that?

Today the prompt is: Laughing.

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Tomorrow the prompt is: Running.

If you are new to all of this stickman stuff just click the box and start at the very beginning. It’s not too late to join the party!

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