Great Dane Day 3 of 30 Paintings In 30 Days.

Great Dane Day 3 Of 30 Paintings In 30 Days

I painted this Great Dane because I was inspired by his graphic, black and white coloring. Of course, then I had to go and dump a bunch of bright alcohol inks all over his white fur.  In my defense, it just seemed like he needed a little more color in his life!

Great Dane Day 3 of 30 Paintings In 30 Days.
Great Dane: 11×14 alcohol inks and liquid acrylics on Yupo paper. $100.00


I tried adding some liquid acrylics to this one just to see what would happen. I was able to blow them around with the canned air like the alcohol inks, but they took a really long time to dry. I added some alcohol inks on top of the liquid acrylics and the alcohol moved the paint around. It was an interesting experiment and I think I will try it again. The key is knowing when to stop. I had a few spots where the liquid acrylics got kind of thick and clumpy for a while. Overall, I was pretty satisfied with how the liquid acrylics added texture to the background of this piece. I think I will try using watercolors on the Yupo paper soon to see what that is like.

It’s been a little hectic around here with me devoting so much time to painting. I have painted almost daily for a while now, but haven’t really put in the hours to finish a piece each day. This challenge has forced me to plan a little better and to be fiercely protective of my painting time. This means I let the phone go to voice mail and lock my studio door. Poor Jim actually called me from outside of my studio to tell me something the other day. It was kind of funny and probably annoying, but I also think he got the message that my work is important…at least important to me. That locked door said, “Do not disturb me for two hours,” so I didn’t have to say it. Although, I did answer his phone call in case it was an emergency. He just wanted to tell me he found some carvings in a rock behind our house. He’s a talker that one!  It probably sounds heartless that I lock my husband out, but I don’t call him at work all day long, right? Nope. Plus, I am just asking for two hours to devote to my craft without interruptions. That seems fair, right? Tiny-Small, on the other hand, has adjusted pretty well. She just takes matters into her own hands. In fact, I am pretty sure she prefers me to be a bit distracted. She woke up from her nap yesterday and came into the studio with me. I was finishing up some last details on the Great Dane painting and cleaning up when I heard, “Can I paint?” I told her to hang on and I would help her. Then she said, “I need a toothbrush!” She always calls paintbrushes toothbrushes because she is adorable. I told her to hang on and I’d be right there. I came around the corner and asked what color paint she wanted first and she replied, “I got paint. I need a brush.” I did a double-take because there she was squeezing and entire tube of violet colored acrylic paint onto a piece of white card stock. It took me a minute before I started flying around the room grabbing every support I could find to put the paint on. So, I have a bunch of violet backgrounds to paint on now. All is not lost. Violet is a nice color for Easter, right? Besides, purple is my signature color. Sometimes. The point of this story is that you can trick your spouse into thinking your work is important by locking the door to your studio, but you can’t trick your kid no matter how hard you might try. Also, one tube of paint can cover quite a few backgrounds. I am learning to go with the flow.

I have about three paintings in one stage or another right now. I am still unable to focus on one piece per day. I have some sketches made for one painting, some collage items cut out for another, and a watercolor that I think I want to do some pen doodling  on. It’s chaotic, but it’s working…I mean I have made it to day three! This Great Dane painting was finished on time. We’ll see what happens by day 25. Will I be choosing naps over painting or laundry folding over sketching? Probably, but I am just going to keep my head down and keep plugging away at it. Besides, my family can wear mismatched socks and the clothes at the back of the closet for a few days. It won’t kill them.

Have a happy weekend. Look for my first shelter dog painting tomorrow and go check out what the other artists have created for day 3. Apparently the series is quite popular with 5000 people looking at it per day. That’s pretty exciting, right? I don’t think I have had that many eyes on my work ever.

7 thoughts on “Great Dane Day 3 Of 30 Paintings In 30 Days”

  1. Another brilliant doggy! You’ve got some great textures going on there, I like the effect! I no what you mean about the spouse thing. I sat mine down on the 31st dec and explained I was going to need some support, ie not having him bursting in with a ‘hilarious’ joke or amazing fact just as I am laying a wash down. (Which is the norm). Ive committed to a painting a day for a year, so he is probably going to get locked out at some stage too ! Haha!!!!

    1. Thank you! I am enjoying the texture as well.

      Our husbands sound so alike. Mine is always so excited to tell me something and he startles me too sometimes. It’s funny after the fact, but when I am carefully trying to paint a line it makes me scowl at him. Luckily he is very good natured about my grumpy painting moods…haha! He always promises to be more considerate, but I think he just forgets. It’s probably hard for him to think art is my job because I love it too much!

  2. Cool effect and what a great head on him! Maybe you are worrying too much about focusing on one painting per day? I think working on paintings in different stages is a nice way to go. I supposed you do want to *finish* one every day, but it doesn’t have to be one you started the same day, right? If it works for you, then it’s the right way!

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