flower painting by Lillian Connelly

When I Am Waiting I Paint

I am waiting. I am waiting for lots of things. Things I don’t really have control over. I am waiting for this hack to be removed from my blog…completely removed. I hired a security company to debug this blog because it was clearly a problem completely out of my code writing and removing league. The company removed the hack in record time, but I see the creepy ads for drugs still showing up in Google searches. So, I am not sure if Google just hasn’t updated the changes on my blog or if the hack is still there hiding in some secret code. So I am waiting to see what happens. Meanwhile, Google says one of the keywords from that hack is on this blog over 5000 times. Wow. So, I wait and see what happens. Meanwhile, I am an accidental pharmaceutical pusher.

I am also waiting for my house to magically clean itself. I am waiting for my tomatoes to turn red. I am waiting to call a few family members who just lost a loved one because I want to give them some space to grieve and I know everyone else will be calling right now. I am waiting for Tiny-Small to wake up from a nap. I am waiting for my weight to drop off so my clothes will fit again. I am waiting. I used to be really good at waiting, but as I have gotten older I find myself getting more impatient. I have to take a lot of deep breaths and remind myself that patience is a virtue. I have to stop hyperventilating. I have to stop worrying and let it all go. I am also waiting to master the art of living in the moment.

While I wait, I paint.

flower painting by Lillian Connelly
My attempt to utilize artist Carrie Schmitt’s technique

I was reading Carrie Schmitt’s blog and she said she often uses magazine covers as the color palette for her paintings. She probably uses home decorating magazines and gardening magazines, but I wanted to try her “trick” out and all I could find was this parenting-type magazine. I noticed AARP had pretty much the same colors on the cover too. I guess these are the “in” colors right now. I mixed my colors right on the magazine cover to match them as closely as I could. Then I added purple and yellow because I am never very good at following directions. Also, I chose to paint crocuses and they are purple. Plus, I love purple. So, even though there was no yellow and no purple on the magazine cover I ended up using them anyway.

When I am waiting I am painting on magazine covers.
Mixing paint directly on a magazine cover.

Well, I am waiting and writing this because I want to see if the hack comes up when I post a new post. Technically I am still on a content writing break even though I am writing content. I don’t seem to be able to keep any of the blog promises I make. I contradict myself often, which I guess is the one thing you can probably count on! So, here is my non-content content. If there are ads for magic beans and money laundering please accept my apology.

This is really just a test. A test for this blog and a test for my patience. I really hope I pass.


7 thoughts on “When I Am Waiting I Paint”

  1. I can’t imagine having to deal with hackers. You must feel so violated. I hope you find a solution soon. You work so hard and it is evident that you are passionate about everything you do in life: your family, your writing, your painting. I love the flower painting and the technique you are using. My brushes call to me often, and I’m slowly beginning to acknowledge them. It is so hard to find balance sometimes.

  2. Yuck! I’m sorry you’re having to deal with this. People suck sometimes. But on a more positive note, I really love your painting. Your use of color is beautiful!

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