Screenshot of being hacked.

Keep Your Friends Close, But Keep Your Blogging-Genius Friends Closer

Last week this blog got hacked by people selling loans and pharmaceuticals. You might not have noticed unless you read my blog on a feed reader like Bloglovin or feedly. I didn’t even notice it right away because it wasn’t showing up here at all. When I did see it, I chalked it up to some kind of Internet gaffe that would right itself on its own. I mean, that has happened before. Sometimes things get fixed magically by unicorns and leprechauns or the Internet wires and buttons and more magic and the imaginary people who live in my computer, at least that’s how I imagine it all goes down. Seriously though, wires get crossed and uncrossed all the time. The Internet is a wild and crazy place fueled by numbers and symbols and more numbers. It’s a mystery to me!

Screenshot of being hacked.
This is what the hack did to my feed.

Then I got an email from Alex Iwashyna, who is helping me give this blog a facelift. She noticed the hack before I did and got to work trying to help me fix it right away. We spent some time yesterday getting it straightened out. Alex is one of my favorite bloggers ( Her writing and integrity won me over as a faithful reader long before I ever considered writing a blog of my own. She does blog tutoring so I hired her, because why wouldn’t you hire the blogger you’ve admired for years if you get the chance, right? I have to say I would give her the highest recommendation if anyone ever asked me for one. I keep hoping someone does so I can gush over how awesome she is to a bunch of people I have never met. Oh wait, I am doing that right now, aren’t I? I mean you and I haven’t met in person…yet.  Anyway, Alex is what I call a blog-genius. She won’t accept the title because she’s too modest and gracious to do that, but if I could, I would totally crown her with a big, gaudy, gold crown and declare her the bloggiest-blog genius tutor of all. If it wasn’t for her virtual hand holding yesterday I probably would have just shut this blog down. I really had no idea what I was doing. Code is a foreign language to me. I have a better chance of speaking Chinese. Although, with Alex’s help, I am learning quite a bit and surprising myself along the way. Instead of shutting this blog down and declaring I would never step foot in the Internet again, Alex taught me how to fix it and we fixed it together. She rescued this blog from a near death experience or an actual death experience. It’s hard to say that well since it’s all virtual and on the Internet where I don’t think anything or anybody dies…ever. Anyway, it seems to be fixed. Phew! So, keep your friends close, but keep your blogging-genius friends closer. I am telling you, these people are real life super heroes to us technologically challenged types.

I learned a lot yesterday so there is more to this story. I have a WordPress blog and host through GoDaddy. It looks like the hack came in through GoDaddy. What is weird is when I called GoDaddy to get some help with removing the spam code, they said they couldn’t help me. They don’t do anything with WordPress. So, if any of you are thinking about getting a and want to use WordPress, you might be better off going with a different hosting company.  One that knows a little more about WordPress and how it works. Also, I had to call GoDaddy back again because apparently when you change all of your passwords, you have to go back and fix the way WordPress and your hosting company connect. The second person I got on the phone with over at GoDaddy found the directions I needed and emailed them to me. I guess my advice is, if you don’t get what you need from GoDaddy the first time, hang up and call back and hope you get someone who is willing to help you. Not all customer service people are created equally. Neither are hosting companies, as I am finding out the hard way.

I also want to apologize to all of the people reading my blog through a feed who were exposed to this nonsense. I dislike loan companies and I never intended to be a Viagra pusher, so I hope you were able to ignore the creepy spam at the top of each post last week. I am going to do my best to make sure that doesn’t happen again or to at least recognize and fix the problem sooner than I did this time. Thanks for sticking with me and  enduring my posts with ads that were never supposed to be there to begin with. I appreciate you giving me time to sort it all out. – xoxo



If you need blogging help or a blog tutor, please visit Alex Iwashyna’s page Hire Alex to find out more about what she does. She is going to be presenting at BlogHer this year: Blogging the Unbloggable – Writing about Hard Topics without Being Hated. If you are going to BlogHer this year I am insanely jealous. I also hope you get a chance to see this presentation. It sounds really interesting. I wish I could be there!


16 thoughts on “Keep Your Friends Close, But Keep Your Blogging-Genius Friends Closer”

  1. You are so nice to write all this. I’m glad that I could help and it means a lot that you would hire me and even more so that my words and blog inspired you to create It’s A Dome Life because I know that your words and art and life are inspiring people, too. Hooray for passing it forward and around and in loops and may more people join in the fun. xoxo
    PS. And extra thank you for mentioning my panel at BlogHer because the topic is important to me and I think the integrity of the Internet so I’d like to talk with more than an empty room. Heh.

  2. Wow. I am so sorry you had to go through a hack, but you are one lucky lady that you have an Alex watching your back. (bookmarking her info. for the inevitable day I get hacked.) Yay for getting it all worked out, and I’m glad you haven’t decided to get into the Viagra business……

    1. I am so lucky it was fixed. Now I just pray it doesn’t happen again. I was thinking the Viagra business must be pretty lucrative, but if you have to hack and steal ad space, maybe it’s not as good as I think it is. Ha!

  3. It’s unfortunate that your site was hacked but I’m grateful for your sharing of the experience with us. I use WordPress, and plan to continue doing so. Knowing it doesn’t play well with GoDaddy is valuable info. Thank you!

  4. I’m SO glad you got it all straightened out! I will have to remember that Alex is good at this stuff whenever my brain is about to explode. 😀

  5. I am good with code so if I get hacked I can work it out pretty good. I have been thinking a lot about switching to a different hosting company. GoDaddy is ok but I think it is kind of slow. Do you ever experience that with them?

    1. Yes! I have speed problems all the time. Sometimes my page is just down too for no reason too. I don’t get the kind of traffic that would cause that to happen so it doesn’t make any sense.

  6. Doesn’t it always figure that the people that hack you are pushing crap like Viagra and loans? Why can’t they be selling photos of cute puppies or tell everyone that clicks the link that they are a princess? Jerks!
    Glad you got it all straightened out.

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

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