Share The Love Sunday: A Faded Ginger

Share the love sunday mermaids
Tiny-Small is so excited about the mermaids!

Share The Love Sunday is devoted to one blog today. I don’t usually do that, but sometimes, something so awesome happens that the rules must be broken and changed. Last night, at exactly 9:30 pm, Jim came home with the mail. There was a package and it was full of little mermaid dolls. Tiny-Small was still awake waiting to say good night to her dad. As she watched me remove the mermaids from the package her eyes lit up like it was Christmas morning, or her birthday, or like she had just won the candy lottery. She was ecstatic. I mean the kind of ecstatic that makes you jump and run in circles for 25 minutes laughing, clapping, and saying, “I have mermaid babies. Look at my babies. She’s so bootiful and soft. Her has hair. Oh she my mermaid baby.”

That’s totally what happened and as a result, she didn’t go to bed until after 10pm because she was too excited to sleep and wouldn’t stop cheering long enough to brush her teeth. It was quite an exciting moment, especially since we had spent a good part of the day playing mermaids. The timing couldn’t have been better and it was a surprise so that made it even better!

Mermaids for Tiny Small
The mermaids A Faded Ginger made for Tiny-Small

So, where did these mermaids come from? They came from A Faded Ginger! One of my favorite bloggers in the whole world. She’s a solid writer. She’s funny. She’s smart. She can even sew mermaids together and make a little girl the happiest person on the planet for a straight 25 minutes. If that isn’t the best super power to have, then I don’t know what is. In short, she’s an amazing blogger and person. She doesn’t use a lot flash and gimmicks, she just writes really, really well and makes you think about your life in ways you probably haven’t before. She is also a huge advocate for girls being able to get an education and be safe all over the world. I admire her tremendously, if that is not obvious enough by now. So, not that I like to tell people what to do (yes I do), but if you aren’t reading her blog you are missing out on some good stuff.

The best part is A Faded Ginger is not only smart and funny and interesting, she is also incredibly generous. When I went to thank her last night on her Facebook page I discovered that she had also posted a tutorial, on her blog, on how to make these mermaids: If You Can’t Be A Mermaid, Make A Mermaid. She’s sharing her discovery and talent with all of us. How awesome is that? So, please go check out her mermaid making tutorial and try to make one. I am pretty sure I am going to be spending part of my day doing exactly that. I have all of this yarn left over from when I was going to teach myself how to knit (that did not go so well, obviously) and now I have a use for it.

Share the love Sunday: mermaid hug
Mermaid hug.

Anyway, if you do make a mermaid, please share a picture of it on my Facebook Page: It’s A Dome Life or on a Faded Ginger’s Facebook Page. We want to see what you come up with! With so many fabrics and yarn colors to choose from each one will be unique and adorable in its own way. Also, we will have an army of mermaids, how cool is that?

Thank you, A Faded Ginger! You are someone I feel so grateful to have met you on the Internet. Tiny-Small thanks you too. She is in love!



7 thoughts on “Share The Love Sunday: A Faded Ginger”

  1. You’ve made me blush, but you and Tiny Small have also made my day with the photos and video. That kind of joy is what makes me want to make things and give them away!

  2. Aww.
    And Jim still calls your internet friends (us!) not real (or sth like that, can’t remember). This is real! 🙂
    I am a big fan of all Tiny Small’s videos where she runs and talks and smiles and hides – all at the same exact time! I know you probably get tired of her being so active and full of energy so you can send her over for some vacation time in Poland, I will pack my nephew (he would give you less problems than my niece…) and send him to US, isn’t that a wonderful idea? 🙂 🙂
    I haven’t read Faded Ginger blog but now I will! I always follow what you recommend and never got disappointed.
    Have a nice week!

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