Glamour shots

Do You Remember Glamour Shots? I Made Some Of My Own

Glamour shots
Pretending to be a mermaid, but getting fake Glamour Shots instead.

Do you remember Glamour Shots? They were all the rage in the 90’s, but I never had any done. I wanted to, but it just wasn’t in the cards for me. What teenage girl doesn’t want to be made up and photographed with extra pink blush and big hair while she rolls around in a mock fur stole, right? So, today, I woke up knowing I had to take a self-portrait for DeBie Hive’s 30 day Photo Challenge. I knew I wanted it to be over the top in some way. I decided to get out the Halloween makeup. I was going ALL out.

Is this a Glamour Shot?
I applied too much makeup so I could be too much everything because why not? I look like I might be dead, so that’s a little creepy.

I applied black eyeliner and way too much blush. Tiny-Small was horrified.

“You has scary eyes, Mom,” she told me while backing out of the bathroom, “you looks like a mermaid.”

I decided to go with the whole mermaid theme. I teased my hair. I put on bright red lipstick. Tiny-Small ran to get some toilet paper.

“Here, mom, use dis to get dat red off you lips.” She said with a worried expression.

Mermaids sisters
Me and my mermaid sister.

I had to talk her into trusting me that I was just playing. She watched wide-eyed and then ran out of the room. I got out a blue blanket to be the water and attempted to take some pictures of my head. I got some crazy shots that looked like I was holding my breath, probably because I was. Then I got some Glamour mug shots and called it a day.

flowers for mermaid hair
You needs more flowers in you hair, mom.

Tiny-Small was watching all of this and decided maybe it would be fun to play too, so she dived into out fake water and we started taking pictures together and we played mermaid. She put flowers in my hair. I pretended she was Black Beard the pirate because she had a chocolate milk beard. Both of us were still in our night gowns. We had so much fun together and all because I joined a photo challenge. You never know what’s going to be one of “those” moments with your child, but sometimes you are lucky enough to recognize the moment as it is happening. My best memories from childhood involve my mother playing with me. I know how significant that can be in a person’s life.

mermaids and pirates
Black Beard The Pirate meets The Little Mermaid.

The best part though was when I washed off all of the makeup and Tiny-Small started clapping and cheering.

“Now you can be a momma again,” she said, “you back to bein’ my mommy.”

self portrait Lillian Connelly
The photo I entered into the self-portrait (day 1) Debie Hive photo contest: Playing Mermaid.

If you want to see the other self-portrait photos taken by people participating in the contest you can see the album on Facebook: Day 1-Self Portraits.


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  1. Love love love you made smile you made me laugh. Great shots, I love the flowers in your hair and Tiny-Small chocolate beard! You two rock I wish we were neighbours and I would come and play mermaid with you xoxox

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