Share The Love Sunday: How Do You Spend Mother’s Day?

Happy Mother’s day to all of my Share The Love Sunday readers. I hope you are spending time appreciating all of the mother’s in your life. Today I have some different things for you to read revolving around Mother’s Day activities and a bit of humor. Enjoy!

Share the love Sunday Mother's Day
Happy Mother’s Day!

A Faded Ginger, Last Minute Mother’s Day Gifts: Instead of receiving a gift, she chooses to give one.

Marianne Walsh on Chicago Parent, Mother’s Day the way a Chicago mom wants it: This mom wants a day to herself to eat brunch without any trouble and to not have to share her popcorn with anyone.

Ann Carrns on The New York Times website, Why I’m (Sort Of) ignoring Mother’s Day: She wonders if Mother’s Day is outdated since she and her husband share family responsibilities evenly.

Listen To Your Mother has people linking up their Mother’s Day stories, videos from this year, and an archive of past years performances.

Huff Post Parents, Awkward Family Photos Starring Mom Remind Families What NOT To Do On Mother’s Day.


I don’t even know how we will be spending Mother’s Day this year. I have someone coming to clean my house for me for the first time ever. Best Mother’s Day I can imagine even although it’s totally unconventional and probably a bit weird. I think we might celebrate Mother’s Day on Monday too because we like to stretch holidays and birthdays out for as long as possible. It’s kind of our mode of operation around here. We try to have cake as often as possible. That’s pretty much a family rule.

Enjoy your day!


4 thoughts on “Share The Love Sunday: How Do You Spend Mother’s Day?”

  1. I’d try to stretch it for the month. And start shooting for monthly visits from that cleaning lady – it will CHANGE YOUR LIFE. Thank you also for the shout-out – you are one awesome bloggy friend! Hope you had a great day and no dishes whatsoever. xoxo Mar

  2. Stretching red-letter days is a rule here, too. For example, I always celebrate pre-birthday and post-birthday…my Englishman says: “it helps you with getting back to the real-life mode after everything is done” 🙂

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