Guinea Pig Art (Because It Is Awesome)

Guinea Pig Art

Guinea pig art is fun to do, especially when there are rainbows involved. I was commissioned to paint some guinea pigs for another blogger friend and I finally finished it. Her kids are in love with their pet guinea pigs so, naturally, they wanted them immortalized in a painting. As someone who keeps painting her dogs I can totally relate.


This painting is 14×18 and on a hardwood panel. I painted the surface with white gesso and let it dry. I painted both sides because I wanted to seal the entire hardboard in paint. This will protect it from moisture and warping as time goes on.

Guinea Pig Art before paper collage.

Then I sketched the guinea pigs and the rainbow and started painting. Once the paint was dry I started applying tissue paper and mulberry paper to collage over the underpainting. I used an old house painting brush, one with bristles going in every direction, to paint the tissue paper first so it would have the texture of fur. Tiny-Small advised me on the perfect color choices and helped me apply some of the paper. She’s had her eyes on these guinea pigs since I started the project. I think she will be sad to see them go.

Tiny-Small helped too

After the paper collage dried, I added some whiskers using white paint and darkened up the eyes a little. My daughter ran up to the painting and yelled, “I love you, Guinea Pigs!” That’s when I knew I was finished.

Close up of the paper collage

I just have to put some acrylic gel topcoat on it and let it dry. I will do several layers to make sure the collage is protected well and then I will be mailing it to Not Blessed Mama. You can find her on her Facebook Fan Page or on Twitter if you want to know more about her guinea pigs. She’s got a great sense of humor and entertains people with her observations on family life. I am looking forward to hearing about her kids reactions when they open the painting. It’s so much fun to make people happy through art.


9 thoughts on “Guinea Pig Art (Because It Is Awesome)”

  1. Ridiculously cute stuff, Lil. Very very cute and nice rodent renditions. We had a guinea pig. Had. I am glad they are nice pets for other people. Ours was a neurotic mess. It was terrified of everything. The piece however, IS AWESOME. nice job! (dare I see a commercial artist future for you?) this one definitely needs to go online as a mere hint of your talent.

    1. We had guinea pigs for a while when I was a kid. I think my mom ended up giving them away. Actually, I might have been out of the house already and my sister had them. I can’t remember! I think my dad liked them the best.

  2. I have some terrible memories with guinea pigs and they might be my least fav animal ever.
    But I do like the painting; there is something about your art that makes one think “Oh she did it like it was nothing” but not in the bad, sloppy and lazy way, but in the good, talented way…It is like when I watch all the ballerinas and dancers, and they move so smoothly that I think it does not cost them any energy. That’s how I feel about your paintings, too! 🙂

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