Taking Care of Business: One Billion Rising

Signs in a pile after the #1BillionRising march.


We attended the #1BillionRising event yesterday and I cried through the whole thing. I teared up during the march. I teared up during the movies they showed. I even teared up watching Tiny-Small dance with all of the grown up women. I was really proud to be a part of that group and to take a stand with my community. We felt really supported as we marched down the street. People driving by were honking and giving us the big thumbs up. Lots of men participated too. It was an incredible experience. When we got home we watched the San Francisco flash mob dance on YouTube. It was amazing! We watched people singing in NYC. I woke up this morning with renewed hope in humanity. Here is a video of Tiny-Small dancing (as promised) and a few other pictures from the day. Thank you for sharing my experience on Facebook and Twitter if you did. I appreciate that very much.

This video is a little blurry, but I think that is a good thing. Other people may not want to be showcased in my movies so you will see a lot of blurry people dancing in the background.

Posing with our sign before the #1BillionRising march through town.
march through town
#1BillionRising march through town.


In the auditorium movies were shown. A woman read a poem about growing up in the middle of domestic violence. The local Poet Laureate spoke and read a poem.



17 thoughts on “Taking Care of Business: One Billion Rising”

    1. I was singing that song too! I almost added “and working over time.” Then I decided not to since I didn’t write the song (contrary to popular belief).

    1. We did have a good turn out for a small town. I have some thoughts about the affiliate program for you actually. I am going to email you!

  1. I always tear up when I feel the strength of a community of any sort, too. It is just so empowering but also makes me very, very fragile. I do not even know if I am using the correct vocabulary here but I am sure you will get me 🙂
    Ah, the idea with ads is not so bad but you are right – random things advertised on your blog, your personal space can be frustrating. I hope it all goes the way it should!

    1. Thank you! I am experimenting with ads. If something doesn’t work I will try something else. It’s a strange experience, but with hosting and Internet overages it is getting to be an expensive hobby!

      I know exactly what you mean about the strength of a community.

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